Infinity Organic Spelt Grain 500G

Infinity Organic Spelt Grain 500G

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Completely Whole Organic Spelt Grains

  • Use in stews, with vegetables or grind to make your own flour.
  • More protein and fibre than wheat.
  • Contains no added ingredients.
These organic whole spelt grains have been grown and packaged in the UK. The spelt grain is a relative of wheat but is easier to digest and has a deeper nuttier flavour. Spelt can be used in the same way as wheat in all sorts of sweet and savoury recipes.



These grains can be used whole in stews and soups, and also to "pad-out" vegetable dishes. These can also be ground into flour.


Pre-soak if desired. Otherwise, add to boiling water or broth and simmer for one and a half hours (until soft).