Infinity Organic Camargue Red Rice 500G

Infinity Organic Camargue Red Rice 500G

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Organic Red Rice

  • Camargue rice.
  • Grown organically in the South of France.
  • Rich nutty flavour.
  • Cooks just like normal rice.
Camargue Red Rice has a lovely deep nutty flavour. It is also much softer in texture than wholegrain brown rice once cooked. As a serving suggestion, cook the rice with savoury cinnamon and black cardamom for added flavour.


Cooking times and methods are the same as for white rice: 

Camargue red rice is softer than white rice, and is therefore particularly suitable for risotto, paella and salads. It can be used as an alternative to white rice, and is commonly used as a side staple ingredient (as an alternative to potatoes).

Camargue red rice has a slightly sticky, fluffy consistency and is therefore ideal for soaking up sauces.