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Infinity Organic Brown Basmati Rice 500G

Infinity Organic Brown Basmati Rice 500G

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Organic Brown Rice - for Basmati and more.

  • Organic brown basmati rice.
  • Long-grain rice.
  • Less processed than white rice.
  • Higher in fibre.
  • Easy to cook!

This brown basmati rice is an excellent-tasting quality basmati. Being brown rice, it is less processed than white rice, and there is a bit of husk to add a bit of texture that soaks up food-juices. As well as the more interesting taste, many people eat brown rice for health reasons, as it is higher in fibre and other nutrients including iron and many b-vitamins.

Basmati rice is a particularly fluffy type of rice, and is the highest-quality rice that is used in India. It is a long-grain rice. It is very easy to cook... in fact, it is a mystery why "easy cook" rices exist, as they are no more easy to cook than basmati rice.